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My name is
Scott VP Bruder

  I am a communications technician, trainer and solutions developer in London and area. I have actively been working with the the newest technology since 1995. My experience and knowledge has brought me to work with Fortune 500 companies and some very successful up and comers.

Latest News

  • 21April

    Some more time on this site
    finaly taking more than
    5 min to work on this
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  • 23December

    Development of NEW SVPB.CA
    Spending an Evening
    on a new site.
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  • 22Sepetember

    Upgraded Employment
    Now offering my skills under the Western I.T.
    group of companies
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Proudly Working With

Western I.T. Group & London Business Phone

I have been emploide by Western I.T. Group Since September 2012

If you have worked with myself in the past, I welcome you to advance your business with Western I.T. Group. for your complete IT solution provider