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Everyday technology changes and its harder to find the time or the personnel to keep on top of it. Understanding the technology that runs our world is key, and maintaining it is a refined art. If you are needing to bring your technology up to date or have questions get a professional answer.

Its about Research and Exposure

Its not... "an every so often" thing. To understand technology it has to be a passion, you need to study It daily. It is something that you need to think about and work with even in your spare time. To keep up with technology you need to look at the world for how its connected and constantly reflect on how it can be done better.  This has been my life, and others benefit from my skills.

For over 25 Years


I am Scott Bruder

I have worked hands on with Technology, Telecom and Customer Service daily for more than half my life. I pride myself on my skills and those who work with me, and understand the results I provide. If it is considered technology, I am compelled to see how it works, and make it function to its full potential. I have been Maintaining , and repairing systems for a very long time an have a strong reputation of success. I Design, Build and Train from end to end on the systems I come in contact with.  I am very pleased to say that for all of the people and companies that I have worked with in the past, I have secured a great team of people who rely on me and provide me assistance in their disciplines.

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Working with small up and coming startups to fortune 500 businesses

It could be for a one time service call at 10am on Tuesday . It may require a team to completely overhaul a network of 1300 devices, in an operation accomplished over the course of one night.   It may be regular maintenance to ensure that something is not going to happen when you least expect it.  It could be as simple as having someone properly analyze and report on what you have and what you could do more effectively. No mater what is required it Is probably not the first time or the last time that it will need to be done.  Every company and client is treated with the respect and Importance of any other. a Customer is never another job. they are the next job and the only one that counts until it is complete.

Its easy, A good Tech is always available

Currently I am employed by Western IT Group. The company Is a full technical service shop offering everything from Infrastructure to Hardware and Legacy Programming to web development. I am pleased to have my skill set contribute to one of the best technical teams in southern Ontario. Our main office Located in London Ontario allows for eas of access to support the territory

If you have any technical needs I strongly recommend that click below and have us working with you as soon as you need it.

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